Graphic design, hand-lettering & photography are main parts of brand's visual representation. By working in these spheres for more than 5 years, Anastasia created more than 120 projects & campaigns. This experience helped her to create a unique method that is giving voice & special aesthetic to every business & project. Learn more about Anastasia's work in the portfolio.



Spring mood is in the air 🌺
Lovelies, the time has come to split my personal and professional life into two accounts! This decision was harder than ever, and I was thinking about it since the last year, but only now I understand the importance of this decision.
But before everything I want to thank you for all the support through the years, and hope this adventure will be amazing!
I can’t wait to show you all the new things & projects I’ve been working on!
But it doesn’t mean that I’ll leave this account, I’ll continue to post my behind the scenes moments as well as some stylish finds.
So follow my new account @anastasiafoch for some graphic design, hand lettering & other inspiration.
Woke up today to the sunlight & green tea
These two are one of the components of my happiness
👉And how did you start your week?
It’s feb forth...but the atmosphere of the Valentine’s Day is already in the air!💕
And if you’re looking for a cute greeting cards, you’re in a right place cause FREE printable V’s Day cards are already on my blog (link in bio) 💌
New week, new experiments! 💃
This Monday I decided to mix typography, lettering & add a bit of texture with a help of paints.
What do you, guys, think about it? 🤔
I woke up today in a great mood because I finally can go outside and enjoy the weather!
And it’s not a joke, because I actually spent the whole week inside my apartment because of the extremely cold weather. For those of you who wasn’t watching my Stories, there are some facts.
Since Monday ‘till Saturdays this week we had an extremely cold weather (even for our region), the temps were somewhere around from -40C to -35C.
All my university lections were cancelled and I was sitting at home & thinking about summer. Jk, I was practicing at lettering & created a lot of content for the next week.
Anyway, I never was as excited for Monday as today, because I’m so tired to be an introvert 🤷‍♀️
What about your Sunday?
Oh, Saturday, Saturday, you’re like a white sheet of paper that can be filled with crazy adventures or quiet family time, new hobbies or friend’s meetings. This is why Saturday is my favorite day!
This Saturday I decided to spend some quality time with my family and to watch comedies.
How do you prefer to spend Saturday?🤔
The sun's rays always add a little magic to the photo🌞



The main task of the studio is to build a unique system that could reflect the aesthetic of your brand and grow alongside with the business. Your brand is much more than just a logo and business card. This is a story that should be told in a simple and beautiful language. Let me help you reveal your brand’s true visual self with the unique approach to creating your brand’s identity.


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