My name is Anastasia Foch, I’m 22 years old economics student, graphic designer and hand-letterer from Russia. I also love striped shirts, green tea, and skateboard.
In 2014 I decided to follow my dreams and started learning graphic design by myself, later I added lettering to my working schedule. Since then design became not only my passion but a freelance job. I developed my skills by working for local businesses, and three years later I managed to enter the international market by working as a letterer and product styler.
Now I’m trying to express my vision of style, beauty and design through my self-titled blog. Day by day I’m creating my own life and posting behind-the-scenes moments, as well as personal advice on exciting topics by prioritizing honesty and inspiration.


For today’s date, I’ve completed extensive multifaceted campaigns with brands including TIJN Eyewear, Gatta, Montserrat De Lucca, The Beginning Of, The Poster Club, Flattered, Romwe, Richmond & Finch, Adina’s Jewels, Fawn Star, Barbas & Zacari, Skintox and many others.


Email: info@anastasiafoch.com
Social Media: Instagram, Pinterest

I’m always ready to answer your question & discuss any suggestions.

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